COM Documents

For Sessions
7/19SessionPulpit Supply List
10/17SessionDissolution of a Pastoral Call Service
11/17SessionVacancy Dues
11/17SessionPastoral Relationship Types
10/17SessionThe Role of the Session in the Search for a Pastor
2/18SessionPolicy for Pastors of Other Denominations
11/17SessionHow to Relate to a Former Pastor
7/17SessionComponents of a Mission Study
10/17SessionGuidelines for Transitional Pastors
11/17SessionSample Contract/Covenant for a Temporary Pastoral Relationship
7/17SessionTransitional Pastor’s Quarterly Report
For Sessions and Pastor Nominating Committees
6/15Session & PNCMinimum Terms of Call
2/18Session & PNCParental Leave Policy
2/18Session & PNCSabbatical Leave Policy
10/17Session & PNCThe Pastor Search Process Powerpoint
3/18Session & PNCBrochure on the Call Process
11/17Session & PNCDetailed Call Process
For Pastor Nominating Committees
6/19PNCGuidelines for a New PNC
10/17PNCBible Studies for a PNC
3/15PNCOn Calling a Pastor
10/17PNCTips on Ways to Look at a PIF
11/17PNCSuggested Questions for Reference Calls
2/18PNCPastoral Call Form

For Pastors Being Called
11/17PastorsAdministrative Commission Form Instructions
11/17PastorsCommissions to Install or Ordain
11/17PastorsAdministrative Commission Form
6/19PastorsForm for Minutes of Commission to Install or Ordain
11/17PastorsOrder of Worship to Install
7/09PastorsEthical Conduct
6/17PastorsBackground Check Policy
6/17PastorsDisclosure Authorization and Release Form
6/19PastorsMWS Information Form
For COM Members and Information
11/17COMValidated Ministry Policy
11/17COMSteps for Closing a Congregation
5/19COMPolicy for Inquiry into a Particular Church
2/12COMPolicy for Schismatic Churches
10/17COMCOM Checklist
11/18COMTalking Points for COM Liaisons