Online Bible Studies & Study Resources:

  • An Introduction to the Old Testament with Dr. Suzie Park (Theocademy, 5-part video series): Click here
  • An Introduction to the New Testament with Dr. Margaret Aymer (Theocademy, 5-part video series): Click here
  • An Introduction to Reformed Theology with Dr. Shannon Craigo-Snell (Theocademy, 5-part video series): Click here
  • The Strange Book of Books – Join host Aric Clark as he introduces us, again, to the Bible. (Theocademy, 10-part series): Click here
  • PRC Bible & Bible Study Resource page: Click here


Suggested Studies: (Contact Julie Price about the Resource Center sharing the cost or purchasing.)

  • The Difficult Words of Jesus by Dr Amy-Jill Levine, 7/2021, $: Click here
  • Testimony: Vocabulary of Faith. A six-week study from Presbyterian Outlook that helps people to live their Reformed faith by remembering, reclaiming and rearticulating what we believe about who God is and who we are so the patterns of our lives embody the liberating love and grace of Jesus Christ. $: Click here
  • (OT) “Delivered out of Empire: Pivotal Moments in the Book of Exodus, Part One” by Walter Brueggemann$$: Click here
  • Courage: Jesus and the Call to Brave Faith, Tom Berlin, 2/2021 (6 video sessions)$$: Click here
  • Words of Life: Jesus and the Promise of the Ten Commandments Today, Adam Hamilton, 12/2020 (6 video sessions)$$: Click here


Free Daily Devotions:

  • Today, free daily devotions from Reframe Ministries: Click here
  • Evening Devotionals, short videos from pastors and authors (Amplify Media): Click here
  • The Still Speaking Devotion from United Church of Christ: Click here