Children and Family Ministry:

  • Kids Corner, fun and faith forming devotionals, podcasts, Bible stories, and more (ReFrame Ministries): Click here
  • Fresh Idea for Helping Families Explore Faith Practices this Summer, 6/2021 (Christian Reformed Church Network article): Click here
  • Lifetree Kids, Group youtube channel with music videos, stories and more: Click here
  • Family Faith Formation Resources by Topic (Christian Reformed Church): Click here
  • Family Faith Formation: At Home and In Community (APCE resource sheet): Click here
  • Christian ed at home, a weekly online curriculum by Presbyterian Outlook: Click here
  • Family faith formation @ home, a weekly online curriculum by Presbyterian Outlook: Click here
  • Breathe: A Child’s Guide to Ascension, Pentecost, and the Growing Time, 4/22/2021 (PRC webinar): Click here
  • Spiritual Practices with Children and Youth (PRC webinar): Click here
  • Toolkit For Grieving Children, 5/2021 (PCUSA article with downloads): Click here
  • Parents Take Five (MWS Jen Evans on Christian parenting today): Click here
  • Family Fire: An online community exploring what it means to be Holy Spirit led in our families, dating, marriages, sexuality, parenting, and in-law relationships (ReFrame Ministries): Click here


Suggested Resources:

  • Everyday Family Faith by Sandy Schwartzentruber. For each day of the week, this pocket-sized resource provides creative ideas for exploring Bible verses, talking about faith in daily life, and praying together, as well as fun activities to do. : Click here
  • Wondering about the Bible with Children: Engaging a Child’s Curiosity about the Bible by Elizabeth F. Caldwell. : Click here