Church Vitality:

  • 7 Ways To Build Teams of Great Leaders(when you feel like your team is lacking), 6/2021 (Carey Nieuwhof article): Click here
  • How To Generate Bye-in for Revitalization (Tom Cheyney video): Click here
  • 8 Steps 4 Change: Steps Required to Transition a Church, Bob Whitesel (article): Click here
  • Theological Discussion with Jason Tucker from the June 2021 meeting of the Presbytery of Arkansas: Click here
  • Presbyterian seminaries explore definitions of ‘call’ and ‘ministry’ in the 21st century 7/2021. A series of four stories that include interviews with Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) seminaries, taking a look at how the COVID-19 pandemic challenged and changed seminary learning environments.: Click here
  • A Fresh Start at Strengthening Relationships in Your Church, 6/2021 (PRC webinar on getting to know people who are new to your congregation and reaching out to include people on the “fringes” of congregational life. Learn about creative ideas for small groups, events and programs to build connections, and strategies for incorporating relationship-building into the rhythms of church life: Click here
  • The Colossian Forum: Lead Through Conflict, free and $: Click here
  • Church Answers, Tom Rainer resource page: Click here
  • The Reclaimed Leader podcast with Jason Tucker & Jesse Skiffington: Click here
  • Carey Nieuwhof resources on Leadership, (articles, podcast, & more) free & $: Click here
  • Attracting and Keeping Congregational Members (Faith Communities Today article): Click here
  • Lewis Center for Church Leadership (articles & podcasts): Click here
  • 8 Habits of Evangelism, 5/2021 (8 lessons for individuals and groups from PCUSA) free download: Click here


Reaching Millennials:

  • 5 Surprising Characteristics of Churches That Are Actually Reaching The Next Generation, a Carey Nieuwhof article: Click here
  • 10 Ways Your Church Can Reach Millennials (Stand Strong Ministries): Click here
  • What Millennials Want When They Visit A Church, 3/2015 (a Barna Group article): Click here
  • 5 Things Millennials Are Looking For in A Church, a Carey Nieuwhof article: Click here


Suggested Resources:

  • Dreams of the Overworked: Living, Working, and Parenting in the Digital Age, Christine M. Beckman and Melissa Mazmanian – A book that makes the case for celebrating the structures that allow us to strive for our dreams, by supporting public policies and community organizations, challenging workplace norms, reimagining family, and valuing the joy of human connection.
  • The Work of The People: What We Do in Worship and Why ($24) by Marlea Gilbert & Christopher Grundy, Eric T. Myers, and Stephanie Perdew – This is one in a series of books on Vital Worship, Healthy Congregations. The authors come from different disciplines and include liturgists, musicians, and more. Having this combination of authors helps to put together a good resource to understand what to look at in designing worship and why as congregations we do what we do within the worship setting. The book itself is not long and would be useful for a worship team to use; the bibliography would be useful in continuing to work on worship.
  • 100 Days to a Healthier Church/Worksheets, Karl Vaters, free downloads: Click here
  • The Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization & Renewal by Tom Cheyney (2016, $12.99) – The need for Church Revitalization has never been greater in North America. An estimated 340,000 Protestant churches in America have an average weekly attendance of less than one hundred. Research data tells us that in the United States more than 80% of the churches have plateaued or are declining. Each and every week we are currently seeing somewhere between fifty and seventy-five local churches close their doors, not to be opened again. Pastors leading churches today admit that there are daily frustrations that distract them from doing the real work of ministry.
  • From Embers to a Flame: How God Can Revitalize Your Church by Harry L. Reeder III (2008, $12.99) – Whether your church is healthy or struggling, the biblical principles in this book point the way to greater spiritual vitality. A pastor, seminary teacher, and conference speaker, Harry Reeder has long specialized in church revitalization. He deftly alerts us to potential problems in our churches, helps us to recognize our weaknesses and opportunities, and guides us in applying biblically based strategies for rekindling the flames of godly growth.