Social Justice: (also see Environmental Justice, Racial Justice, Gender & Sexuality)

  • Jubilee Weekend is an opportunity for advocacy Oct. 15-17: Click here
  • Join the Movement, a new livestream series designed to show how people can get involved in the work of the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Compassion, Peace & Justice (CPJ) ministries: Click here
  • REvangelism Conference designed to help PC(USA) see evangelism holistically, focus is on evangelism habits that take us deeper into God’s justice and reconciliation, Online Nov. 1-3: Click here
  • Hunger and Homelessness Sunday Resources, November 14, 2021: Click here
  • Just Talk/Talk Just, webinar series from Union Seminary’s Center for Social Justice and Reconciliation: Click here
  • Who Will Roll the Stone Away, 7/2021, film takes visitors to the Tent of Nations, an act of peaceful resistance: Click here
  • Social Justice & Mission Resources (PRC online resources): Click here
  • Hunger Action Congregations (PCUSA): Click here
  • Faith Facts: Documenting the good of religion in the United States: Click here


Suggested Resources:

  • Liberty’s Civil Rights Road Trip, 7/2021, a book that introduces children to significant people, places and events from the civil rights movement: Click here